New Feature! Upload Seamless Video to Your Website

You’ve been able to embed video onto your website, but our genius tech guys have created an even better option. Now, you can upload your escort videos to your site for seamless viewing. Your potential clients and admirers will be able to watch you in motion similarly to how they view your photos – in a nice, clean gallery. Upload seductive videos to entice your viewers, or showcase something special that you’d like to share.

It’s super simple to utilize this new feature. Just log in to the CMS and click on the ‘videos’ tab. You’ll be able to upload there. Here’s a preview of what you can create:


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  • Hip Hip Hooray!! I LOVE how easy you have made it to download videos and I can do it all from my phone or computer!!! I LOVE IT! Keep up the AMAZING FEATURES! I can’t wait for the paid members option. I would like to see a form builder and maybe allow a few more custom pages for the premium members. Thank you for this GREAT NEW FEATURE!!!