New Free Escort Design Template Imperial

After seeing some outstanding escort portfolio sites using our previous high-quality template ‘Bohemian’, Escort Design introduces a new very professional looking escort template ‘Imperial’.  Imperial takes a complete 180 degree turn from our previous template by replacing the gentle flower background with a diagonal grid pattern.  Unlike Bohemian where the flower pattern sticks out, the grid on Imperial seems to almost disappear making your content come forward.

Photos are arranged on the left of the Home and About pages, leaving the other half of the pages wide open for your content.  In addition to this keen layout, a faded grey vine wraps up the sides of your pages to help transition your content on the solid white background and make it really stand out.


escort-site-independent2-template-imperial escort-site-independent3-template-imperial escort-site-independent4-template-imperial escort-site-independent5-template-imperial escort-site-independent6-template-imperial escort-site-independent7-template-imperial escort-site-independent8-template-imperial escort-site-independent9-template-imperial

Escort Agency sites can appreciate this polished template theme and put off a well put together look as well with Imperial.

escort-site-agency2-template-imperial escort-site-agency2-template-imperial escort-site-agency3-template-imperial

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