On-Page vs Off-Page SEO

On and Off, the difference between day and night, SEO success and failure. Last month I taught you how to approach keywords for escort SEO success, an example of an on-page SEO factor. Now it’s time to learn about on and off page SEO strategies.


  • On-page SEO: relates to all the content on your website affecting your SEO, eg your text content and meta info.
  • Off-page SEO: relates to all the content off your website, eg links pointing from other websites to your own

Filling your page with keywords that you want to rank with in Google is an example of On-page SEO. Getting links pointing to your site from that directory you listed in is Off-page SEO.

Google looks at on and off page SEO differently. As a general rule, they place more value on off-page SEO. They’re not dumb, they know it’s harder to get 10 sites linking to yours than to update the text on your site.

What does this mean for your escort site’s SEO? Focus your efforts on off-page factors. Spending hours perfecting your meta info or keyword density is low yield compared with getting more sites linking to you.

As I’ve been explaining for years, links are the lifeblood of your escort marketing campaign. If you do nothing else, go and get yourself some links!

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