Our top website questions, answered

We get a lot of emails each and every day from clients like yourself, and so we thought we would put together a post answering some of our most popular questions.

What makes a good escort website?

Trying to create a website to please men in general is an impossible task so setting out to do that is simply setting yourself up to fail. The best idea would be to focus on a specific target market and niche, this will also ensure that your website stays consistent.

Another good thing to do is to put yourself in your potential clients shoes and ask these questions:

Can I trust this escort?

Do I want to spend time with her?

Is she professional?

Now create your website around answering these questions. Create a great about section where potential clients will get to know you, begin to trust you and will want to spend time with you, and where they will come to know your level of professionalism.

Make sure your your images are high res and appealing to your target market. And lastly make sure that there are no broken links or grammatical or language errors.

What to potential clients respond to most?

This website created with our Amelia temple is a great example of what clients respond to.

It has rich colours and bold typography that conveys a powerful message. The client also made sure that their style of writing and photographs matched the template so that everything looks cohesive.

They were clever enough to include words like “professional”, “reliable” and “exclusive” in their writing, which subconsciously makes clients feel that that is exactly the kind of service that they can expect. You will also notice that there are no spelling mistakes or poor grammar, the clients that you are targeting are most likely more upscale and so these small errors will not sit well with them.

Is including a video good for marketing?

If this is something that you can do, this is an excellent way to draw in clients. Your clients are visual creatures, and something other than photographs are guaranteed to make their day and pique their interest which leads to more bookings for you.

A video is great because it conveys so much more than your appearance, it shows clients your personality as well, and if it is something that they are drawn to, you can expect a new loyal client.  

Did this answer one of your pressing questions? Do you have a burning question that you are just dying to ask? We’re always here to help so just contact us over here.

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