5 Questions For A Great Escort Domain Name

Your domain name is your website address. It’s how you get found on the internet. A great storefront location is invaluable to a shop, domain names are no different.

1. What’s your working name?
If you call yourself Paulina Peaks then include one of those names in your domain. When people google your name, you’ll want it to be in the results.

2. Where do you work?
Your location is another keyword you’ll want to rank well for in google. If you service New York then consider including that in your domain name, it’ll help you rank well when it’s googled.

3. What’s available?
The shorter and more generic the domain name you want, the more likely it’ll be taken. What’s available for registration (about $30 through a domain registration), particularly .com names, is limited. If you’ve got cash to burn, checkout sedo or other places to buy domains already registered.

4. What defines you?
If you can’t find a domain within your budget that uses a combination of your name and location, think about adding a descriptive word into the mix. Are you BBW or petite? Slim or busty? These words would also be useful to rank for.

5. Can I make it shorter?
How’s your name looking so far? Keep in mind that with domains, shorter is better. Easier to remember, quicker to type (especially on those touch screen mobiles) and preferred by google. If you are considering adding another word (eg that’ll help make your domain rank for your name, location or what defines you) when your current domain is available, think again.

How To Create A Successful Escort Website

Last month I explained in How To Create An Escort Website the importance of having website hosting, a domain name and website management tool. Today I’ll be addressing how you make your escort website successful.

You’re not the only person who wants a website without having to learn the tech side of things. We’ve helped thousands of escorts with that same dilema and understand not everyone’s as excited about website development as us :) When you’re looking to get a website created for yourself, don’t forget to go with someone who will support you once it’s online. The last thing you want while you’re on tour is to hear that your site’s down and have no one to turn to that’ll fix it for you.

With most things computer-related, problems arise. Prepare for a rainy day when you’re getting a stunning design and easy-to-use CMS setup. Your site won’t be successful if it’s offline!

High Quality Design
Find yourself an escort-specific design company. They’ll be familiar with the needs of an escort. Designers with no experience designing for adult-themed sites will struggle with your needs.

What happens when you walk into a luxury clothing store? Do they just have racks and racks of clothes in a bare room with high school kids to entice you into parting with your cash? No. They’ll have rich wood paneling and a store fit-out that’s worth more than their stock. Clothes and handbags stand alone, increasing the attention drawn to them. Store clerks dressed impeccably explain eloquently why you need that jacket or those pumps. What surrounds the product is just as important as the product itself.

In a browser window, your website’s the wood paneling and store fit-out. If you neglect it, thinking potential clients make companionship decisions on photos or what your text says, you’re living in a dream world. Humans don’t make decisions rationally. You want to evoke positive emotions when someone lands on your site. The quality if your design can be the difference between suitors clicking on to the next site or making that phone call.

A stunning design that’s not in front of your future client’s eyes is useless. To continue my luxury store analogy it’d be like opening a storefront in the desert with no roads to get there. You’ll have an uphill battle right from the word go.

Thankfully there are plenty of places for escorts to advertise for free. This is a good place to start but often paid ads bring through a greater volume of visitors. I’ve written a ton of posts to help escorts market their sites, check them out and let me know if you’ve got any questions.

Good luck getting your escort site successful!

How To Build The Best Escort Website

The EscortDesign.com website builder is a tool. It does 90% of the work of building a website for you. But just like any tool, it still needs some direction from the user.

As you can see from our escort website portfolio, the website builder can be used to make brilliant looking sites quickly. If you’re a client of ours and would like to have your site looked over personally by one of our team members, contact us. We’ll take a look and tell you exactly what your site’s lacking.

Apart from the design, we can also help with your escort site marketing. We’ll point you to the best places to advertise (often free!) and teach you how to trade links.

Clients who reach out and make contact with us are always surprised at the level of personalised help we offer. Get in touch today and boost your web presence. Great service is our way of thanking you for choosing us for your website. As with most of what we do, it’s totally free :)