The Escort Industry Going Mobile


Every time I check mobile stats I get blown away. At the moment we’re looking at 30% of an escort website’s visits being from a mobile device. To put it plainly, up to 1 in 3 of your escort website visitors may be using a mobile device. I’m predicting that more than half of the escort traffic will be mobile within 12 months.

It makes perfect sense. Smartphones have now become ubiquitous, if you’re still punching buttons on your phone I daresay you’re in the minority. Great web browsers, mobile data that’s cheaper than ever and the ease of maintaining secrecy make it the ideal escort-finding device.

Thankfully with every free escort website we give away, you’ll get a mobile-optimized site. We launched our mobile sites over a year ago and recently updated the gallery viewer.

If you run an escort directory then it’s probably about time you created a mobile-specific version. To get high quality mobile escort traffic, checkout

Your New Escort Photo Viewer


Photos were one of the driving factors that brought escorts out of newspaper classifieds and onto the web. Punters could finally stop playing lucky dip and see what they were in for.

It’s this reason we’ve always made sure the photo gallery viewer on our escort sites is up to scratch. Today sees us release our latest update, the developers have been working hard to get it just right. To check out their skills, go to your gallery page:

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10 Reasons You Need An Escort Website

‘I advertise on backpage, why do I need a website?’

I was asked this question the other day and it got me thinking. Not because it’s a difficult one to answer but rather it suggested there are people considering the necessity of an escort site, who I’d never get the chance to enlighten. So if you’re a provider promoting yourself in classifieds, directories and review sites but with no website of your own – here are 10 points to consider.

1. Brand Recognition
You and your brand are one. The more times a punter reads your name the more likely they are to remember it. While you’re listed on another site, that person is being bombarded by the website’s brand, not yours. Get your own site so everywhere they look, they see you – not your competitors!

2. Search Engine Traffic
If you’re not in google, you don’t exist. Having your own site means that when someone searches for your name, they find you. Temporary listings on directories and classifieds may never be up long enough to be found through google. Best of all, Google traffic’s free.

3. Stability
How many email addresses and phone numbers have you been through in the past few years? If, like me, it’s more than one then you need a website. A website allows you to have a persistent place for clients to contact you. Whether it’s a week or 12 months down the track. Never let the inability to contact you get in the way.

4. Professionalism
Tying in with having your own brand is appearing professional. Writing to shows you’ve put some effort in. Every step of effort puts space between you and the ever growing number of scam ‘escorts’ surfacing around the web.

5. Creative Control
Call me biased because I run a design company but I’m sure you’ll agree that design matters. Being listed on an ugly website will implicitly tell your clients more than that beautiful prose you spent hours perfecting. Let everything on the page reflect you and your personality, don’t put roadblocks up.

6. It’s free
For a year we’ve offered free versions of our popular sites. Not free for a month, free forever. Signup today and see we aren’t pulling your leg! Compare that to most directories out there that have you paying $xxx/month to get listed.

7. It’s easy
Managing a website used to suck. Getting your gatekeeper webmaster to update your site was like pulling teeth. Now you get your own website manager. Login and update your photos, text and contact info easily.

8. Return On Investment
With your own website, any effort you put in today can pay dividends forever. You’re not at the mercy of the site you’ve listed on. Write a great blurb today and watch it deliver you clients in a year’s time.

9. Mobile Visibility
Every site of ours comes with a mobile version. This means clients traveling without a laptop can navigate your site with ease and call you in a tap.

10. Admin Rights
Taking a break from the industry or quitting for good? Cancelling your site will take your presence offline in an instant. Ever tried wrangling with long-forgotten escort directories to get your listing taken down? Yeah, not fun

Changing Your Page Order

Want to switch the order of the pages in your website’s menu?


Perhaps you want to move the contact page to the end, after the ‘wishlist’ page. We’ve made it really simple for you. Login to your website manager and go to the site settings area. Here you’ll see a table listing your site’s pages:


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