Escort Design Is Going Mobile

How many times have you used the internet on your mobile? If you’ve got an iPhone, android or other smartphone I bet it’s a fair bit. If a lot of the people who use escorts are travelling interstate or overseas I think it’s safe to assume that a large number of them will be using their mobiles to conduct their search. I was interested to see how many mobile users were out there so I checked google analytics for an escort website:


Over the month this popular escort website had 10% of its users on a mobile device of some kind!

Not only are mobile users becoming a big proportion of your escort website’s visitors, if someone already has their mobile in hand I would say they are not too far from making a phone call. Also, how many do you think are just on your site to browse your photos on their miniature screen?

We took this knowledge and ran with it. Always looking for the best ways to add value, make things easy and educate our clients it was only natural that we’d create mobile templates. Here’s how they’re looking:


In designing these templates we wanted to make sure it was really simple for clients to get in touch with you by including a ‘call us’ button on every page and an email us button visible on the home page with no scrolling. Keep an eye out for the release of these in the next couple of months.

We’re very excited about making your site mobile and I’m sure your clients will appreciate it. Just another way that we are constantly adding value, our monthly price is still the same but every other day we’re making updates to improve your business and make life a little bit easier!

Equal Sized Photo Thumbs Finally!

Today we launched a feature I think you’ll all love! No more ugly gallery pages with different sized photo thumbnails, here’s how…

This update solves your problem of making gallery photos show up with equal sized thumbnails. Previously our software created thumbnails that were proportional to the photos you uploaded. This was ok if all your photos were the same proportions but if you had standing and laying photos chances are they were different proportions.

This left your home page with odd-sized thumbs, looking something like this :


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Escort Link Trading – The Proposition

I’ve explained the importance of trading links in your marketing campaign and how to assess link quality for SEO. Today will be a practical guide to getting more sites to link to you. If you have had trouble building the links to your site or want to know how to work more effectively read on…

Your first few links are going to get you seen by google so it’s important to get them as quickly as possible. The best way to do this is to search ‘yourcity escorts’ in google – replacing ‘yourcity’ with the city you service, eg ‘New York escorts’. This will show you some of the most popular directories serving your potential clients. Signup for a free listing on 5 of them and you should get 5 links back to your site within a day or 2.

Depending on where you live you’ll be able to pickup 5-30 links from various directories to your site, usually in return for a link from your site to theirs. This is a fair exchange, if your site is not well established the amount of traffic you pass on to the directory will be minimal.

Once you’ve exhausted the directories it’s time to extend a hand to your competition. The best way to beat your competition is to first join them! Google ‘yourcity escorts’ again and below the directories you’ll start to see other independents and agencies listed in the search results. This is where you want to be in the long run and a great way to start is to approach them all for links. Google obviously likes them enough to put them high in the search results so a link from them will be worth a lot to you. But why would a business or independent that’s already established want to give you any link love?

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Providing Help Where It's Needed

There is no use having great information if your client doesn’t know where to find it. I know I don’t enjoy digging through support documentation, FAQs and forums to find answers!

Information that is not easy to find doesn’t exist to your user. An important principle of designing user interfaces is to 1) Make them intuitive so they don’t need a lot of explanation 2) Provide extra info to users where they need it, without cluttering the design

2) is what I will focus on in this post. Below are the examples of how we took information hidden in our forum and brought it to where it is needed most.

The Dashboard
Our dashboard shows our site setup wizard. This wizard sits at the top of your
website manager and shows what to do next. It highlights the most important steps in your site setup.

Below the site setup wizard are 2 boxes showing recent forum and blog posts. Instead of clients having to click through to the forum or blog, they can easily see instantly whether there’s anything new that interests them.


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Keep Track Of Your Escort Agency Bookings Easily


The latest addition to our Agency* website manager is a bookings section. Here you can login to see a detailed summary of all the bookings you’ve received. The bookings provide a record so you’ll never have to sift through your email inbox looking for a client’s details, it’s all just a click away.

Adding bookings into the website manager is something we have always wanted to do but our ideas were always too extravagant, so they got pushed down the priority list. Last week over lunch the penny finally dropped though, we could create something basic but useful then build on this with feedback from our clients. I’m excited at all the possibilities for improvements:

  • Improve the look by integrating photos of the models booked
  • Sorting/searching features to find a particular booking
  • Group bookings by model to see exactly who is most popular
  • Sync the info with a calendar to save you transferring it yourself

Having an Escort Design subscription is not just about having a great looking website, we want to make running your business easy. We spend hours coming up with ideas for improving the website manager and templates.

*Independents your bookings system is coming very shortly!