Start Managing Your Own Escort Site Today!

Time to dispel that fearful voice in your head saying you can’t do it, let me help you…

“I don’t know anything about the internet, I could never manage my own website”

Really? So how did you find this article? If you know how to search the internet and use email then you know enough to manage your own website. Gone are the days when you had to be a geek locked in your mum’s basement to create and manage your own website. Products like our new escort website manager take the pain out of managing your website.

Basically if you wanted to update your site in years gone by it would look something like this:


Yeah, looks like fun doesn’t it?! Thankfully companies like us hide all of this code behind beautiful, easy-to-use user interfaces. This means that your website still looks amazing and gets love from google but now to manage and update it you see something like this:


Makes managing your website look a bit easier? I hope so, it took us ages to make

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Boost Your Google Rankings With The Business Centre

I was asked a great question by a client, she wanted to know how to get her escort agency website listed at the top of the google search results when the map shows up. Google has been showing local business results at the top of certain keyword searches for some time now, here is a preview of what I’m referring to:

As you can see there are a number of listings that show up next to the map, these would get the majority of the attention of anyone searching “New York Escorts”.

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Low Monthly Fee vs Up Front Pricing For Escort Websites

About a week ago I was asked a simple but excellent question by a customer:

“Why do you charge a monthly price for your websites [rather than an up-front cost]?”

Here’s the response I gave:

We used to sell our template sites for $500-$1200 up front before switching to the pay-as-you-go monthly fee. For years the old model was mildly successful but we came to the realization that the industry we operate in unfortunately has a lot of dodgy characters, this made asking you to trust us and lay out a large sum of money up front troublesome. To be honest I think it was just the quality of our designs that enticed anyone to order with the old model, sending a faceless company $1000 was a huge leap of faith.

Trust and industry-related issues aside I think the number of small businesses that can afford to drop $1000 on a website for no guarantee of return is significantly less than those able to spend $33 or $66. Even if they could afford it, was it really the best way they could spend that sum of money? The old pricing model meant that you had to spend time to make a decent return from your website whereas now – especially with the free trial – you are profiting from their sites much quicker.

The switch has really helped to change the dynamics of our relationship with clients. We now have a financial (in addition to the moral) incentive to give you the greatest chance of success. Previously we received 100% of our payment once the design was finished but now we don’t see a cent unless you are completely satisfied with the product month to month. This means that our success relies on your success. Not only this, we had created what we believed to be the best combination of high quality escort templates and a simple-to-use website manager – to have worked so hard and only see a small number of people enjoy it was heart breaking.

So far the switch we’ve made from the old up front pricing that favored us, to the client-focused approach of free trials and low monthly fee have seen us grow our user base by an amount we never thought possible. From now on the first questions we’ll be asking before making updates to our product or pricing is ‘are we focusing on what’s best for us in the short term? Or what’s best for clients in the long term?’ It’s easy to forget that without clients you don’t have a business!

More important than any financial success is hearing words like these without even asking for testimonials:

“I’m really pleased with how the system works and fully intend to keep my business with you once the trial period is over. You’ve been very helpful all round and I’ve recommended you to other ladies in the business.” – Alex

“Just wanted to thank you for making your service SO accessible and simple to use for the novice user! I can’t thank you enough, I look forward to many years of working with you, and will DEFINITELY be recommending your service to all my friends!” – Chrissy

“My girlfriend runs an agency in the New York area. She says your company is one of a kind and worth every penny. I would have to agree.” – Diamonds & Pearls Agency

For us this is the real measure of how successful the new pricing has been, the fact that clients appreciate that we are focusing our product on what’s best for them – because by definition it’s what’s also best for us!

Next time you’re brain-storming ways to make more money for your business, why not try focusing on what will benefit your clients and giving gifts. You might just get pleasantly surprised…

I’m really pleased with how the system works and fully intend to keep my business with you once the trial period is over.
You’ve been very helpful all round and I’ve recommended you to other ladies in the business.

Adding A Link To Your Escort Site

The other day I wrote about why you need a links page on your escort site, today I’ll be talking about how to add text links, banners and link codes to your website.

These are the links I’ll be using as examples:

1) Text link

the text “Escort Design”

will link to

Escort Design

2) Banner link

this image:

will link to

3) Link code

this code:

<div><a href=””>Escort Design</a> | <a href=””>View A Demo Today</a></div>

will create this link:

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A Quick Screening Test For Escort SEO Companies

So you want to pay an SEO company to get your escort website to the top of Google. Before letting them part you with your cash, see if they pass this screening test:

Forget the SEO company if they:

Promise a top Google ranking. No one can promise a top Google ranking except Google themselves. If they are so sure of getting you a top ranking, tell them you’ll pay in increments: 5% when you’re on the first page of Google, 10% when you’re in 9th position, 20% in 8th position and so on. Somehow I don’t think they’ll be so eager for your business with this arrangement.

Promise instant results. Although with the right SEO techniques you can get reasonably quick improvements in your escort site rankings, generally SEO is a marathon and not a sprint. Even if they do manage quick results, there’s a chance they are using black hat SEO techniques that will have your website banned from the results. Read how Kahmir managed to ruin a $5k/month business by using black hat techniques.

Have an Alexa ranking of >500k. Alexa ranks every website on the web in terms of how much traffic they get. Google has the #1 ranking of course, followed by Facebook. Although a high ranking site may have cheated to get there, a site with a low ranking is struggling to get people through their own door. So how much success are they going to have getting people through yours? Especially when you’ve just paid them a juicy up-front fee. To check a site’s Alexa rank just enter their domain in their lookup tool or download the search status plugin for firefox like I do (this way you can get a quick idea of how well established any site you visit is).

Can’t explain what they will do. Can’t take the time out to explain what they are going to do to boost your rankings? Is that really someone you want to work with? It was Einstein who said “If you can’t explain it simply, you don’t understand it well enough.” So even if you don’t know all the lingo it probably says more about them than you.

Can’t show you previous client results. If they have passed the first few screening tests then refuse to show you some client sites they’ve helped rank, then move on. And if they do show you some client sites, make sure you contact the site owner yourself to test if the company’s talking BS.

Spam you via email. Don’t ever use an ‘SEO’ company that sends you an email containing things like this: “We are a team of 50+ professionals which includes 18 full time SEO experts. We are proud to inform you that our team handled 100+ SEO projects and obtained 40000+ manually built links in the past 1 year.”

If you’ve got so many SEO projects and you’re having so much success then why are you contacting me? If you are “professionals” then why are you using spam to generate your business? Don’t fall for it!

Why Google Doesn’t Allow Your Escort AdWords Ad

Lucy asked me a great question in response to this post about the Google search results page – why can you not advertise an escort site in Google AdWords?

The answer is simple and Lucy was absolutely right in thinking that Google doesn’t allow ads concerning prostitution. Unfortunately Google doesn’t allow the promotion of escort services, prostitution, or other adult sexual services. You can read more about Google’s Adult Sexual Services Policy here.

Those of you who are observant may have also noticed that some people DO get their website listed through adwords on the Google search results pages for words like ‘escort’. Before you start complaining about Google being unfair, do a quick test for me – click on the ad and see whether the page you get taken to says anything about escorts. It doesn’t and there’s a good reason for this. Google does not allow promotion of escort-related websites through adwords but it does not prevent people from bidding on escort-related keywords.

In other words, if your page contains anything advertising prostitution then it won’t be accepted in adwords. Not to mention you’re likely breaking US law. So what’s the solution? Save your money and try some of the free escort marketing options available.

Thanks again Lucy for your question, I hope this answer helps!