Quiz: Which Escort Website Theme Are You?

Your unique personality is part of what makes you so appealing – as an escort and a human being. So why shouldn’t your escort website reflect that? These fun questions will help you figure out which escort site template fits your personality. If you’ve ever taken a quiz in a magazine, this blog post is for you!

1. You have an unexpected long weekend ahead of you and your BFF is paying for your plane ticket for a spontaneous vacation! Where do you go?

A: Mumbai
B: London
C: An African safari
D: I was headed to Europe, but I got distracted in the airport bookstore
E: Vegas, baby!

2. Ah, another morning. What are you drinking?

A: Chai latte
B: Black coffee
C: Superhot caramel macchiato. Make it a double.
D: Earl Grey tea
E: Sparkling water

3. You have to run a quick errand. What shoes do you grab?

A: Strappy leather sandals
B: Black flats
C: Leopard-print stilettos
D: Loafers with little tassels
E: Rhinestone-studded platforms

4. In terms of your personal style, you identify with:

A: Cleopatra
B: Anna Wintour
C: Scary Spice
D: Queen Elizabeth
E: Audrey Hepburn

5. Feeling impulsive, you put your iPod on shuffle. What music comes on?

A: a Bollywood soundtrack
B: classical piano music
C: Ke$ha’s latest single
D: Justin Timberlake’s “Suit & Tie”
E: “Diamonds Are a Girl’s Best Friend”

Ready for the answers?

Mostly A’s: Bohemian

You’re a world traveler who embraces new cultures and experiences. Whether sunning yourself on a foreign shore or enjoying a hole-in-the-wall ethnic restaurant, every new destination inspires your personal style. With its pastels and gentle swirls, the Bohemian escort website theme captures your easygoing, worldly spirit.

Bohemian, a free escort site template

Bohemian, a free escort site template

Mostly B’s: Clara

Simple. Unfussy. To the point. You are Clara. Friends admire your calmness and how your life seems under control. A quiet morning with a book, going for a run on a crisp morning, or sharing a meaningful conversation with a friend make you feel balanced and fulfilled.

Clara, a free escort site template

Clara, a free escort site template

Mostly C’s: Native

You approach life with a zesty roar! Nothing can hold you back or cramp your style. You welcome all the adventures life throws your way – even the bad ones are learning experiences. Here’s a secret: your friends wish they were as brave as you are!

Native, a premium escort site template

Native, a premium escort site template

Mostly D’s: Elizabethan 2

Studious and regal, you appreciate little flourishes and finishing touches more than loud flair. “Classy” is a compliment you get a lot, but you still know how to have fun. You’re drawn to poets, dreamers, and scholars, and you’re smarter than you realize.

Free escort site template Elizabethan 2

Free escort site template Elizabethan 2

Mostly E’s: Diamonds

You can totally relate to “Breakfast at Tiffany’s” – you’re attracted to anything that glitters! Those lucky enough to romance you know to spoil you with jewelry. Good linens, good wine, and good company are all essentials in your book.

Free escort site template Diamonds

Free escort site template Diamonds

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