Run a Business, Create Your World

There are tons of good aspects to running your own business to go along with the hardships. My favorite is the fact you can help create the world you want to live in. Even if initially it only exists in the small niche your business operates, it still exists.

Want to live in a compassionate, forgiving world? Create a culture of understanding in your business. Give refunds for any, or no, reason at all – and do it with a smile.

Want to live in a world where knowledge is shared widely and the right to teach someone an honor? Give away all your knowledge for free and encourage others to do the same.

Want to live in a world that looks out for you? Respond to emails quickly, provide clear and concise information.

Want to live in a world filled with great design? Figure out a model to get your best creative work into the hands of the masses.

What’s the world you want to live in? Ensure your business reflects that, I’m sure we’ll all be happier for it :)

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