Securing Your Free Escort Domain Name

We provide free domain names for all clients for the life of their subscriptions.  A domain name is your website’s address. All free trialists get setup with subdomains like but as I explained in my post about why you need a real escort domain name it’s a good idea to get a unique domain name for your site.

Recently we moved the domain registration tool to the website manager, if you’re on a free trial here’s how to secure your free domain name. There are three simple steps:

1) After logging in, go to the join us page to become a full member.


2) Enter your credit card details to become a full member (don’t worry, you won’t be charged until your trial ends and can still cancel at anytime).


3) In the settings area register your free domain name by following the prompts.


In a few clicks you will have secured your domain name, it will take a little bit of work for us to set it up but within minutes your site will be on the new domain. As always, just shoot me an email if you need help with this.

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