SEM, ROI, WTF? Your Guide to Marketing and Web Acronyms


You know what BBW and GFE mean, but what about PPC and SEM? Marketing acronyms are a whole different story than the familiar abbreviations used in the adult industry. Here’s a quick guide to cracking the code of terms advertisers (and others) throw at you.

General Internet and/or Marketing Acronyms

HTML: Hypertext markup language is the code used to make websites. It’s the main language of the internet (here’s a sample of what it looks like). If you log in to the Escort Design site builder and click the </> button, you can edit the HTML for the pages on your escort site. You’ll need to do this to create, say, a calendar or video. If you get a video’s embed code from YouTube, for instance, the code is in HTML.

ROI: Return on investment. Heard the saying “You’ve gotta spend money to make money”? ROI is whether you actually get anything back after investing your time or cash. You can talk about ROI in a broad sense — for instance, a certain escort advertising site gave you a great ROI if you get three new clients the day after your ad goes live. But it can also be relative — maybe you’re looking for high-quality clients (not just clients), or just name recognition. Ultimately, you define whether you got the ROI you wanted.

You can also calculate ROI in hard numbers by comparing the profit you made from an ad to the amount you paid for the ad. Use this equation: (Revenue – Cost) / Cost = ROI. So if you made $1,000 in August from clients who saw your ad, and you spent $250 on that ad for the month, your ROI is 3 (1,000 – 250 = 750, divided by 250 = 3). You can use this equation to compare the ROI you get from advertising on different sites.

Search Engine Lingo

SEO: Search engine optimization is a major buzzword. Basically it means getting your site to show up higher in Google results for the search terms you want. Certain things are good for SEO (links to your site from other sites) and bad for SEO (never updating your site with fresh content). Here’s a quick guide to SEO for escort sites. Escort Design sites automatically have a lot of keys for good SEO built in.

SEM: Search engine marketing is an umbrella term that includes SEO as well as paid ads in search results. You’ve seen ‘em — the “sponsored ads” at the top of certain Google searches. Unfortunately, Google won’t let you buy sponsored ads for adult businesses. That’s OK — SEO should be your first step anyway. Learn more about Google search results here.


PPC and CPM are the two most popular ways sites will charge you to show your ads. Here’s the difference between the two.

PPC: “Pay per click” means you only pay when someone clicks on your ad — not for all those other people who see it and don’t click.

CPM: This stands for “cost per mille,” or cost per 1,000 ad impressions. Here you’re paying when people see your ad, even if they don’t click on it. If your goal is simply exposure and brand awareness rather than traffic to your site, CPM might make sense.

Any questions? Now go out there and get a great ROI from your PPC ads! ;)

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