Setting a Marketing and Advertising Budget

It’s tempting to gravitate towards the free escort directories. No investment is required and it’s simple to set up an ad. It may be a good option when you’re first starting out and not sure how dedicated you want to be to companionship. However, if you’re serious about jumping in, we recommend investing in advertising from the start. Because certain directories attract certain clientele, you need to consider who is looking at your site. If you invest in marketing, you are more likely to meet with the higher end clients that most escorts are after. The next question is: How much should I spend?

There’s no set answer for this. You’ll need to be open to trying new things, as you really won’t know what works until you try it. The first step is to make sure your website is top notch, so that you’re putting your best foot forward. Then spend a couple of months using a variety of advertising methods—banners, front page services, featured escort, and so on. Ask directories and advertising platforms for their monthly specials. Contact other escorts to find out where they advertise. Ask new clients how they found you and look at the statistics on your website to discover what seems to be working. Don’t panic if you don’t see immediate changes! It takes time to notice these changes.

Once you try different methods and evaluate the results, the main thing you’ll have to consider when formulating a budget is the amount you can afford. Keep track of how much you spend and where by creating a spreadsheet. There’s no sense in spending hundreds of dollars each month on advertising when you are not receiving a return on investment. If you treat this like a business, you will set yourself up for success.

You can also advertise for free by exchanging banners with other companions and discussion forums! No investment required and it’s a great secondary way to gain new clients. If you have any advertising budget tips, feel free to comment below.

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