Setting Up Your Analytics Tracking

Last month when I explained how to track your escort traffic I didn’t do a great job. Here’s a detailed explanation of each step, including the pitfalls to avoid!

1. Signup for google analytics or active your google analytics account:


2. Add your website profile into the google analytics account

In this step you need to enter an account name then your web address, before clicking ‘create account’

Next you’ll see the confirmation page below. This will tell you to copy and paste a code into your site, IGNORE THIS, we have set it up so you don’t need to copy any code whatsoever.

3. Add your google analytics login info to the escort design account

Login to your website manager and go to the analytics page. Here you will see a button encouraging you to signup to start using the analytics, this is where you enter your google login info:

cms-analytics new-google-sign-in

Enter your google analytics account info into this popup to allow your data to display in your website manager. At no time do we have access to this login information, it remains as secure as signing in to yourself.


If you enter the information correctly, you’ll see this message in your cms while we wait for your analytics account to collect some data:


Then after a few days you will see the analytics data in your website manager:


*At the moment we are only importing the number of visitors your site gets. If you want to know about how the visitors got to your site,where in the world they’re located, and what google analytics offers your escort site login to your google analytics account directly.

As always, shoot me a support email if you have any trouble at all so I can point you in the right direction :)

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