Should You List In Escort Directories?

Escort Directories are exactly that, directory sites containing escort listings. Usually categorized into cities and/or physical attributes. The established directories have huge traffic, high search engine rankings and large returning punter bases.

Do I think you should list in escort directories? Yes!

Getting traffic to your escort website is a long marketing process but directories are the best place to start. Most offer free listings and if you signup to 10 or more it’ll boost your traffic. They will likely ask for a link back to their site in exchange but this is a small price to pay seeing as your site is not yet established.

I don’t recommend any specific directories but if you just google ‘escort directory’ and ‘[your city] escorts’ you’ll see which escort directories are ranking highest in your area. These will generally be the most established and reputable.

Should you pay $100s/month on a premium listing? That’s something that will depend on your budget, your rates and ultimately trial and error. Try it for a few months and see how it affects your business.

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