Slow But Steady Still Wins The Race

We’ve all heard the story about the race between the tortoise and the hare, one a lightning fast bounder and the other a sluggish plodder. The hare is so confident in it’s ability to win the race that once it has taken the lead it decides to nap, meanwhile the tortoise has maintained it’s steady speed and ends up winning. I want to talk about how this applies to your escort website marketing.

Slow, steady & persistent
If the tortoise had been slow and lazy then he would have no doubt lost the race, it was persistence that lead to the win. It’s the same with your online escort marketing. Search engine optimization and other marketing strategies are much more successful when implemented with a long term view. This is hard to swallow for most of us that are used to getting things instantly on the Internet.

Going out and emailing 50 escort-related sites to ask for a link trade in 1 hit feels good but unless you are going to back that up on a regular basis then you might as well not bother. Taking just a few hours a week to work on building links to your site is going to see you with a lot more success a year from now than completing one enthusiastic thrust. Setting goals too high (eg I’m going to spend 10hrs a day marketing my site) is a sure fire way to set yourself up for disappointment. Whereas setting goals within your reach will lead to greater satisfaction as you’ll have a higher chance of success.

Don’t run so fast you need a nap
Too many times I see people show a great initial enthusiasm and drive to make their escort website a success. They get a great looking site online (spending large amounts of money up front on beautiful custom designs) then when they don’t see their phone ringing off the hook after a week, they give up… The media and how-to-make-money-online industries have done a great job of fooling people into thinking that creating a successful website is quick and easy. Getting a site up quickly then investing a ton of time and money into your website initially without giving it much thought is a great way to burn yourself out physically, mentally and financially. One of the reasons we have moved to a pricing scheme of low monthly fee after a free trial is that it means clients aren’t forking out hundreds of dollars up front then feeling dejected when they haven’t made a return immediately. This means clients can now get an escort site up for free with us then be making a positive return in the first month, leading to a more sustainable optimism.

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