Snapchat basics you need to know

Social media is always growing, always changing and as a business owner, it’s important to keep up with the trends. Although it’s not brand new, it is one of the newer additions to the array of social media platforms at our disposal, Snapchat is an incredible marketing tool. If you’re still slightly confused by how it all works, don’t worry, we’ve got you covered! Today we are going to cover the basics of Snapchat so that you can start creating tantalizing content for your clients.

The stories tab is the most important. When you open up the Snapchat app, it automatically opens up to the camera, if you swipe to the left it will open up the stories tab. The media is broken down into three categories: content from media companies called Discover, content curated by Snapchat called Live, and then Recent Updates from those that you follow as well as brands that match your interests.

Anything uploaded to Snapchat only lasts 24 hours, you can see how much time the story will still be available for by the circle around it, as the time trickles by, the circle slowly starts to disappear. To view a story, all you need to do is tap on the circle, once you’ve viewed it, it will move to All Stories where it will disappear once the 24 hours has elapsed.

Now that you know how to watch the stories, let’s chat about how to upload one. As mentioned earlier, the first screen that appears when you open the app is the camera screen. It’s all pretty easy once you get the hang of it. To take an image simply take a photo like you normally would. To take a video however, you need to hold the camera button down while you record. The tricky thing with Snapchat is that videos are only 10 seconds long. Once the 10 seconds are up, the camera will automatically stop recording.

Once you have taken your photo or video, a different screen will appear with a few different options. From left to right:

Timer – you can choose how long you want your photo to last for (this doesn’t appear when you record a video)

Download – this enables you to save your content to your phone.

Send – click this button to share your content on your Snapchat profile for all of those that follow you to see.

Last but not least, let’s chat about how you can edit your photo’s ever so slightly. Before hitting the send button, swipe left on your screen and you will see a bunch of different filters as well as time stamps, temperature and location stickers. There is also a “T” option at the top of the screen that you can use to scribble or write freehand over your content.

And there you go, those are the absolute basics for Snapchat. Keep your eyes peeled because very soon we will have an article about how you can use Snapchat to grow your business.

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