Spruce up your escort website photo gallery

One of the most important parts of an escort website is the photo gallery. It is one of the main factors that draws admirers in and helps to lock down a booking. If your gallery isn’t up to scratch or if it’s slightly outdated, you are doing yourself a huge disservice. It’s time to spruce up your escort website photo gallery and double up on those bookings!

The first important batch of photographs to audit is the one on your homepage. These are the first images that a potential client will see and so they need to be absolutely perfect and able to lure new bookings in.

Don’t put all of your best images on your home page though, two or three will do. You want to save some for the rest of your site. A great idea is to do a photoshoot and rotate the images every fortnight or so. This way, when clients click back to your website, there is always something new which means that they will always come back for more.

Now that you have sorted out your home page, let’s chat about your actual gallery. You want to have a good variety of different photographs: headshots, full body shots, different poses, different accessories and different expressions. You need to keep things interesting for your clients, a whole lot of similar photo’s is plain boring, you need to keep it spicy!

Your photographs also need to show off your personality and so if you are loud and vivacious, use different poses and colours to show that.

Last but not least, play around with the amount of photographs you display in your gallery. Too many images make your site look crowded and can be overwhelming for a client, whereas too little photos make your site look empty and boring. You need to find a happy medium.

This number is also very dependent on the type of theme that you have for your website, it all needs to work together, and it may take a few tries until you figure out exactly what works for you and your business.

Did you pick up some tips from this article? We hope that you did and this is just another step in building your empire!

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