Sultry French Lingerie to Add to Your Collection

I’ve been browsing through gorgeous French lingerie for days (I say it like it’s a new thing). There’s no doubt that the French seem to have a natural allure. Sexuality is embedded in their culture and it shows through various art forms, including the design of lingerie. I selected a few of my favorites to share with our lovely readers. You can buy pieces for an upcoming shoot or add them to your collections for those lucky clients of yours.


With collection names like ‘Seduction’ and ‘Opera’, your clients might be put under a trance when they see you. Plus they have really pretty basics that you can wear just for yourself.


Chantelle Bra


Simon Perele

My favorite collection from this designer is ‘Celeste’, specifically for the beautiful blue lace bodysuit pictured below. All of their lingerie is made from rich fabrics, so they’re perfect for a photo shoot.

Celeste Bodysuit


Carine Gilson

If you’re looking for lingerie that is designed to showcase your exquisite taste and truly tap into your luxury companion persona, I would suggest any of the collections from Carine Gilson. (Even the mannequins are painted in gold.)


Carine Gilson robe


P.S. Aubade is also a great option.


All images are from each brand/designer listed, respectively.

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