Text or Image-Based Header For Your Escort Site?


Choosing between a nice looking header image for your logo and a text logo is more important than you think. It affects your SEO, branding, visually impaired visitors and of course the look of your design. Let me show you how…

Search Engine Optimization

Registering a great keyword-rich escort domain is always going to help with your SEO because it lets google know that your site is relevant for those keywords. ie for the search term “New York Escorts” if google had to choose between 2 sites that were exactly the same except one had the domain newyorkescorts.com and the other had classycourtesans.com then which seems more relevant?

If these 2 sites also had text-based headers then google would also see that the words “New York Escorts” shows up in big text at the top of one and “Classy Courtesans” shows up in big text at the top of the other. This will be another win for the “New York Escorts” website because it proves again to google that they are relevant for that search term.

If both sites had an image for their logo then neither win. Google can’t read images unfortunately so the “New York Escorts” site loses the added SEO advantage of having their keywords on the top of every page. The search engines will then have to check the rest of the content on your page to decide whether the page is relevant or not.


What does the Coca-Cola logo text look like? Coca-Cola spend hundreds of millions every year to burn that image into our brains. How stupid would it be if they then went and used a text-based logo on their website? For them, the branding is much more important than any SEO benefit. No one is going to discover Coca-Cola for the first time by finding them in google. Your boutique escort agency probably will though…

Visually Impaired

Our eyes naturally lose their ability to focus well as we age and there is a huge number of younger people that need glasses for reading. Make life easy for them by using high-contrast text for your logo. Pressing Ctrl, ‘+’ on a windows computer (Option, Command, + on a mac) allows users to zoom in on your website. If you’ve got an image logo then zooming in will cause it to get pixelated, whereas a text-based logo will stay crisp:


Look of Your Site Design

Being in the business of website designs I definitely understand the importance of a site’s design – one of our differentiating factors is that our escort template designs look like custom work. There is a lot more stylistic freedom when using an image-based logo. It will also look exactly the same in internet explorer, firefox, safari and all the other browsers. That’s not to say that a logo has to look crap if it’s text. Below are a couple of clients who prove my point:


Text-Based Browser-Friendly Fonts

The main problem with text-based fonts at the moment is the web browsers only support a limited number of fonts. You’ll need to choose from that list for your website’s font.

Our logo

Why’d we go with an image-based logo? Branding is the main reason, as a design company it’s important that we show off a bit with our site so that you can be confident we know our shit. It always amazes me when I see “web-design companies” that have horrible designs, what hope have their clients got! Our SEO efforts over the past years has meant that we can get away with not having a text logo without our rankings being affected too much.

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