The Best Templates for Male Escorts

Guys, you might browse through our templates in the CMS and find it difficult to envision yourself in place of images with female models. You’re looking for a design that will showcase your clean-cut style and good taste without looking too feminine. Not sure which one to select? We got you.

We’ve put together some examples of unisex templates that would work great for a male escort website.

Here are the best ones for you to choose from (ignore the female template names):


Jenna is our newest template. It features a contemporary layout, which is ideal for the modern courtesan.

jenna template



Alice is all about the image. It plays into the visual sense of your viewers and draws them in.

alice template



Angelina can be used to show your viewer more information on one page. Great for your viewers who are busy professionals.

angelina template



Clara is a sophisticated design that allows visitors to see multiple images of you in just one glance.

clara template



Paige, similar to Alice, is all about the picture. But, this design allows for a little more content on the home page.

paige template


Whichever template you decide on, we’re always here to support! Feel free to share which one you like best in the comments below.

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