The Escort Industry Going Mobile


Every time I check mobile stats I get blown away. At the moment we’re looking at 30% of an escort website’s visits being from a mobile device. To put it plainly, up to 1 in 3 of your escort website visitors may be using a mobile device. I’m predicting that more than half of the escort traffic will be mobile within 12 months.

It makes perfect sense. Smartphones have now become ubiquitous, if you’re still punching buttons on your phone I daresay you’re in the minority. Great web browsers, mobile data that’s cheaper than ever and the ease of maintaining secrecy make it the ideal escort-finding device.

Thankfully with every free escort website we give away, you’ll get a mobile-optimized site. We launched our mobile sites over a year ago and recently updated the gallery viewer.

If you run an escort directory then it’s probably about time you created a mobile-specific version. To get high quality mobile escort traffic, checkout

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