The Growth Of Our Escort Website Manager

The other day we launched our brand new escort website management tool, the redesign was about 3 months in the making – here are a couple of the iterations it went through.

Here’s our previous design:


It was functional but was not an interface you would enjoy looking at daily. This was our first attempt at creating an escort website management system and our first web app. We had good feedback about the way our sites looked on the front end but there was a real disconnect between the escort template themes and the website manager.

Mockup 1 & 2:

cms-v2 cms-v3

This is called me being lazy! I decided that the simpler, the better but forgot that simple didn’t have to mean shit. As you can see I basically kept the overall layout exactly the same as the original design except for removing most of the borders. Looking at it now I think it actually looks worse than the original, the contrast between the dark background on the old design helped to frame the different sections a lot better. I think clean, minimalistic user interface designs are vital if you are facebook and have a ton of content for people to take in. However, with our dashboard only having a few pieces of information it just looked boring and washed out.

Mockup 3:


I shifted the menu items to the top and realized how much horizontal space we were wasting in the old design. eg if someone was editing the text on one of their pages, the text box had to be thin because a quarter of their screen was taken up by the left menu. Another new addition was the submenu, this would change under each of the main menu items like home, pages, models, themes… This was a great way to group some of the features with similar functionality, for instance the “pages” section would have a submenu of each page on the site (home, about, warning etc)

Mockup 4:


This was the first mockup I was happy with, the tabbed browsing made it much more obvious which section you were in. I also think framing the lower content gives the design much needed structure. Although I liked the pink color, I thought we needed to differentiate the website manager from our front end design that uses a lot of pink.

The Final Design:


I tightened up the menu tabs and added a top menu to house the main admin/account settings. The 2 banner spots on the right were created so that we could have a way to update clients on new features in the website manager or internal promotions.

So after finally launching earlier this week, feedback has been good from clients – it’s been great to be able to create a product that makes peoples lives easier. If I had stayed lazy who knows how the product would have turned out but thankfully we set high standards for ourselves and our products!

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