The new Twitter feature that will allow you to tweet up a storm

Let’s face it, we have a lot to say, and those 140 characters that Twitter offers are often just not enough. Well the good news is that you’re no longer restricted to one carefully stringed together sentence! Twitter has just released it’s newest feature that will allow you to Tweet up a storm!

For the longest time, Twitter users have been putting together “Tweetstorms” using numbers to group their Tweets. But now, there is a much simpler, neater way to do things and you’re going to want to take note of how to make use of it.

The new feature is super easy to use, when typing out your Tweet, simply click on the “+” button when you have used up your quota of characters. You can continue to do this until you have said everything that you need to. Even better news, you can still add media like images or GIFs to each of the tweets in your thread! Once you are happy with your Tweet thread, simply hit the “Tweet All” button and voila!

Another great aspect of the new thread feature is that you can go back and update the thread. So for example, if you created a thread about appointments that were still available, you could then go and update that thread after some of the spots were taken.

In case you are rolling your eyes, thinking that your feed is going to be an absolute disastrous mess now, don’t worry! The clever folk at Twitter have made sure that if there are more than three Tweets in a thread, only the first Tweet will show and then there will be an option for you to click on called “Show this thread”. Phew!

So, will you be using this new feature on your timeline?

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