Marketing Psychology & The Escort Industry

Recently I was speaking to someone about the psychology of marketing. To this he replied “Yeah, you have to try to convince people to signup or pay before you screw them over”. I was disgusted. But I bet there are plenty more cynics where he came from. My response was “No, you have to try to convince them to signup or pay so you get the chance to blow them away with your product or service.”

This is a fact I’ve learned from running Escort Design. Even if you have the best product, you still need to convince people to take a risk and give you a shot. For this you need marketing. Over the past year we have been working hard to make it as easy possible for people to try our service.

First we priced our websites affordably for independents and escort agencies. Next we added a free trial then at the start of this month we took the credit card requirement off the signup form. Yes, that means you can signup for an amazing escort website with only your name and email address! Basically we have continued to decrease the risk of signing up with us. Before the free trials, a client would have to risk money to try our service, then they had to risk their credit card info and now there is practically no risk – you don’t even risk time because the whole signup process takes 2 minutes.

As you can imagine, each change saw a huge increase in the number of clients who were willing to give us a shot. Unfortunately, the escort industry is full of shady ‘businesses’ who think they can take advantage of the providers. Most of our escort clients have at least one story of getting ripped off for a website or marketing service. This is both a challenge and opportunity for us. It means that we have to work hard on our marketing to convince people we are legit but at the same time, since we provide great customer service it means we stand out from the competition for more than just our design quality!

Of course, we were only able to make these changes because we had confidence on our product. We knew that if people tried our product most would stick around after they saw the value in it. If you have a crap product and tried what we did you wouldn’t have more clients, just a lot more clients knowing how crap your product is.

Looking at the wider community, it’s unsurprising many people have a cynical view of marketing. Companies redirect your support calls to India or don’t cover that problem with your electronic device because of warranty fine print. To me these are all the symptoms of a company that has their managers too far away from the front line. If the people calling the shots could see how unsatisfied their consumers were, rather than purely looking at their profit margins, they would not make the same mistakes. If a company has shareholders the problem of loyalty is even more apparent. Is the CEO going to care for you, the consumer, or the shareholder, who has the power to fire her?

Zappos CEO Tony Hsieh and other internet companies are leading the way in providing great customer service. I think it’s only a matter of time before customers start demanding this type of service and offline companies are forced to follow suit. I am striving to make Escort Design part of this revolution in customer-centric business practices. It’s time to put your consumers back to the top of the priority pyramid – it’s where they belong.

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