The Top 10 Escort Names

As we’ve been releasing new templates and having a little fun naming them, it got us thinking about working names and where they come from. When you started your career, how did you pick your adult entertainer name? Were you influenced by your favorite celebrity? A movie or TV character? Or did you just pick something you thought sounded sexy?

For our latest template, we wanted something sleek, modern, and sexy to reflect it’s style. Angelina seemed a natural fit because, seriously, doesn’t sleek, sexy, and modern describe Angelina Jolie to a T?

So just for fun, we thought we’d share the top 10 escort names used on Escort Design sites. We’ve combined similar spellings and common nicknames for each name to reach the final scores.

Top 10 Escort Names


10. Candy
Candy and Kandy narrowly beat out Diamond for the 10th most popular escort name.

9. Monica
Monica and Monika weren’t far behind Candy. Friends fans, anyone?

8. Angel
Angel, Angelina, and Angie are all popular choices. We certainly can’t blame you! As we’ve already shared, we love the name Angelina.

7. Jennifer
Jennifer, Jenny, Jeni, and Jen are definitely favorites. And it’s no wonder: Jennifer has been the 4th most popular girl name in the United States for the last 100 years!

6. Kat
Kat, Kate, and Katie were winners, almost breaking into our top 5.

5. Honey
Another sugary-sweet name made the top 10!

4. Nicole
Nicole, Nikole, Nikki, and Nicki were all hugely popular. According to Wikinut, Nikki is also the most commonly used name for adult film actresses. Anyone know the secret behind its popularity?

3. Bella
Twi-hards won’t be surprised by the popularity of Bella, Isabella, Elle, and Ella. I wonder if there’s been a similar jump in male adult entertainers using the names Jacob or Edward?

2. Jessica
Jessica, Jess, and Jessie show up a lot on Escort Design. Like Jennifer, Jessica’s also in the top 10 most popular girls’ names from the last 100 years

1. Lexi
Alexandra and all of its nicknames — especially Lexi — are the most popular escort names. Our favorite diminutive? Lexus!

Did your working name make the top 10?

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  • shannon

    I’ve always loved whisper. Sexy and mysterious.

  • mildendo

    What about the names for guys.

  • Mildendo, since we don’t have as many men on our sites as women, their names didn’t rank as high. But we will definitely have to do a future list that just features our gentleman users.

  • Nice one, Shannon! I agree, Whisper would make a great working name.

  • marisol215

    Yes lol it was the first one smh

  • Cassidy Laine

    The next name I want to use is Shayden Raine. Great for the coast weather here! Wouldn’t you agree? lol

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