The Top Male Escort Names

We’ve had a lot of fun over here with escort names, sharing the top 10 escort names for women and some great alternatives for those looking for some variety. But what about the men? Don’t worry guys, we didn’t forget you! Here are the top 10 adult entertainer names for men, taken from our users:

5. Richard, Jordan, Peter TIE!

Tied for fifth place are Richard (and its nickname Rick), Jordan, and Peter (along with its diminutive Pete). What makes these three so popular? We’re not totally sure, but, to put it indelicately, could it be that both Richard and Peter are common slang for a man’s Johnson?

4. James & Jon TIE!

Tied for fourth place are James and Jon (combined with John, Johnny, and Jonathan). We bet James Bond has something to do with that name’s popularity.

3. Mark

Mark and Marc are the third most popular male escort names for Escort Design users. It’s no wonder Mark is a popular choice: It was the 17th most popular boy’s name of the last 100 years in the United States.

2. Chris & Taylor TIE!

Tied for second are Chris (and Christopher) and Taylor. Christopher was the 11th most popular boy’s name for the last 100 years, but Taylor doesn’t crack the top 100. Why is it so popular? Famous Taylors like Taylor Lautner (the hunky werewolf from Twilight fame) may have something to do with it.

1. Alex & Mike TIE!

Alex and Mike (along with their longer versions, Alexander and Michael) are the most popular male escort names. Our guess: Magic Mike had something to do with that name’s popularity.

Guys, tell us: What’s your adult entertainer name and how did you pick it? Tell us in the comments.

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  • Rocky Diederich… the last name is a bit long and sometimes a little too different, but I like it and I have still kept using it. Rocky comes from one of my favorite films (Duh!) also, come from the Wasatch Front, aka Mountain West, aka THE ROCKY MOUNTAINS! So it just seemed fitting. Diederich just kinda found me. My name is Derek, so it is kinda funny and macabre that my last name would be “Die Derek”