The World's Oldest Profession


I took this photo on a recent trip to Times Square, New York City. Before reaching this remarkable place, I had been working from my laptop in a nearby hotel room. But was it bittersweet, working so closely with a largely illicit profession? Not at all.

I love my work so taking a holiday means traveling but not taking time off Escort Design. 365 days a year the support emails will be signed off with my name, Zak. I’m proud of what our small team has achieved and love hearing from users about how we’ve taken the pain out of managing their escort sites.

Many clients share my need for freedom too. The escort industry is filled with entrepreneurs who were sick of their mundane 9-5 and yearned for more control of their destiny. Our websites are an affordable way to manage different aspects of their business, including tracking bookings, marketing and enticing clients. Having hosting, domain name and website all rolled into one package makes it easier to manage your online presence.

It would be naive to think there aren’t escorts who are working out of desperation, rather than choice. My question is, should these women that are already marginalized by society be forced to pay too much and pull their hair out trying to get a site online? Why should they not be able to leverage the internet and use this amazing tool to their advantage.

Escorting is the oldest profession, being culturally and historically ubiquitous. Workers in the industry put up with minimal legal and political support by governments that seem to pull the collective wool over their eyes. I’m proud to help people manage their websites in a pain-free, affordable way. I can’t wait to serve this community for years to come. If you’re a client of mine, thanks again!

Remember you’re not alone. There are a number of organisations created in support of sex worker rights, login to the forum to checkout some of the links I’ve collected. Or shoot me an email if you aren’t a client.

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