Today Pleasing Everybody Is Pleasing Nobody

Is your business still trying to profit from the one-size-fits-all approach? If yes, chances are you’re dying a slow death – along with TV, newspapers and any other companies that cling to yesterday’s status quo. Gone are the days when we all watched the same 5 TV channels, read the same newspapers and acted the same way.

The internet has brought with it a revolution in the way we can connect with people – away from those in our proximity – who have shared interests. 30 years ago if you had a fetish for BBW, you probably thought yourself wierd and tried to restrain it. Nowadays, if you’ve got a fetish for it, you can guarantee there will be site’s dedicated to it.

This in turn means that we can now be very picky as consumers. Our choice is effectively unlimited so we no longer have to settle for something that was made-for-the-masses. No, we want ‘made-for-me’.

Next time you try to word your website in a way that you think will appeal to the most people, and in doing so hide your true personality – stop. Work out what makes you, you and run with it. Consumers are after unique experiences, not more of the same. Let your business become someone’s unique experience and you may have a customer for life. Chances are they’ll go and market your product or service to other members of their group and your business will self-perpetuate!

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