Tracking Your Escort Website Traffic

Yesterday I wrote about getting traffic to your escort website, today I’ll be showing you  how to keep track of this traffic and tell you why it’s an important part of your marketing strategy.

Learning exactly how many visitors your site is getting is pretty simple:

1) If you’re using our new escort website manager we’ll show traffic from your past 30 days on your dashboard when you login (nothing like some shameless self-promotion!), no setup required.


2) Google Analytics is a free traffic stats tool that is free and provides better stats than anyone else out there at the moment. Their product is so good we recommend all our customers signup with them to get very detailed stats. Signup only takes a minute if you don’t already have a google account and within minutes you’ll have a piece of code that looks like this:

This piece of code just needs to be copied into the html of your escort website, just above the tag. If you don’t know how to do this or don’t have access to your html then just ask your webmaster, it only takes a few seconds. If you want to get rid of your webmaster, it’s easy to start managing your own escort site today.

Now that you can see exactly who is visiting your escort agency or independent website and where they are coming from, it’s time to see if all that marketing you have been paying for is giving you a good return! If you are paying $100s of dollars per month for an escort directory listing that is bringing you hardly any traffic then it might be time to look elsewhere. Keep in mind that a small amount of traffic from the right place can be more valuable than a lot of traffic from the wrong place but I’ll save that explanation for another day…

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