Use social media to boost your Google ranking

Yep, we’re back on the SEO train again! But this time we are going to show you how to use your social media platforms to boost your Google ranking.

Your Google ranking is really important as it is one of the best ways for new clients and readers to find your site, so you really want to concentrate on getting as high up on the search results page as you can.

Social media is just as important and effective as many people use it as a search engine these days instead of using Google.

Now, imaging combining the powers of both Google ranking and social media, only good things can happen!

The first thing you want to be sure to do is have your links to your site clear and visible on your social media platforms. Another absolute must is to include the link to your site whenever you speak about making a booking or market a new blog post so that readers can immediately click through to your site without having to search for a clickable link. You also want to try and encourage retweets on your Twitter account, especially on ones that contain your site link. The more people that see your content, the better.

The same can be said for your website, you should have your social media links in a visible on your site and the absolutely need to be clickable.

Another thing to consider, although a bit of a grey area, is your social media activity. Some say that the more active and the more followers you have, the better your Google ranking. Now, even if this isn’t the absolute truth, there’s no hurt in trying. The more active and consistent you are on your social media platforms, the more interaction and engagement you will have with followers, and that will lead to a larger following developing. An online presence will always be a positive thing.

Here’s a pro tip about having social media that you may not be aware of, it allows you to show up in Google more than once. So in other words, the link to both your blog and all of your social media channels will come up when someone searches for you. This gives you two, three or four times more chance of someone clicking onto your site, so get those social media platforms going!

Can you see now how wonderfully everything ties together? The more work you put into your SEO, the better your social media will be, and the more work you put into your social media, the better your SEO and Google ranking.

It’s a win-win situation all round!

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