Welcome Our New Premium User Template 'Petiole'

It looks like Escort Design has set the new standard for 2013 by introducing a brand new template for our premium users ‘Petiole’!

Your gorgeous new template is available in rich color palettes, delicate bordering with touches of sparkling gold to set it all off.

Escort-site-template-petiole1 escort-site-template-petiole2 escort-site-template-petiole escort-site-template-petiole4 escort-site-template-petiole5

Like our other premium template ‘Native‘ there aren’t any third party ads displayed, and the only branding it shows is a small ‘ED premium’ logo.

escort-site-template-petiole6 escort-site-template-petiole7 escort-site-template-petiole8 escort-site-template-petiole9

Premium agency sites can enjoy this high-quality look as well.

Escort-site-template-petiole1a Escort-site-template-petiole3a

The Models page and individual profiles exudes elegance with this sharp design.

Escort-site-template-petiole7a Escort-site-template-petiole9a Escort-site-template-petiole4a Escort-site-template-petiole2a Escort-site-template-petiole5a Escort-site-template-petiole6a Escort-site-template-petiole8a
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