What Goes Into An Escort Design Template?

Ever wondered at the work involved with producing a template likeĀ elizabethan 2, native or clara? With the launch of our new template ‘petiole’ recently, I thought you might be interested to see the work involved with producing a template of this quality:


Original conception

I work closely with our designers to come up with a look and feel that the template should portray. Paying close attention to our clients’ testes over the years has given us a good idea of what will work. For this template we wanted a dark, sensual feel.

I knew we were onto something when I saw the first concept. The header typography was luminous but not tacky. Gold leaf, bordering and highlights looked great against the dark color palette.


Layout iterations

Brilliant as the first concept was, it needed some work to get the layout and detailing just right. We tried a more textured background and removed some of the menu detailing:


Adding faint stripes and more filigree to the background produced a rich texture. Keeping the background patterns minimal meant they weren’t overpowering and petiole still maintained balance.


Practical limitations are considered throughout the design process. Although we liked the 3 column layout, I was worried that adding more photos to the home page would quickly disrupt the balance. A long column of photos wouldn’t look good alongside a few short paragraphs of text. Instead we switched to lay the welcome text above the photos. The page would now maintain its hierarchical structure regardless of how many photos were added. Satisfied that we had the first page of our latest template, it was time for the internal pages!

escort-template-4 escort-template-details

Internal pages

Each of our escort templates comes with 7-9 fixed, structured pages. It allows us to make our templates look like custom designs because we can arrange elements without having to consider a ton of variations.

Instead of creating a gorgeous home page and leaving clients to fend for themselves on the internal pages, we take full responsibility for making every page on the site look amazing. Shortcuts could compromise the design quality so we go back and forth till we are satisfied with all the internal page elements:

escort-template-warning escort-template-rates escort-template-bookings escort-template-internal-page-details

Color versions

Splashing a dash of color into the escort template comes next. Designing every template in 5 different color palettes means we have more chance of coming up with something that appeals to you. Similarly to our internal pages we don’t allow you to customize the color of every minute detail on the template. We take responsibility for coming up with great color combinations and give you the much simpler task of picking between the 5.

escort-template-color1 escort-template-color2 escort-template-color3 escort-template-color4

Mobile design

Over 30% of your site visitors are on mobile devices. To make life easy for them we launched updated mobile escort sites. Every new template we design has a mobile version too. Petiole was no exception. Given the restrictions of a mobile’s screen space, we give a lot of thought to how we can match the desktop and mobile versions. This means a visitor to your desktop site can land on your mobile site and recognize the look. Here are a couple of the early concepts:


Along with the final version as it looks on mobiles today:


Conversion to html

Regardless of how little you might know about the web. I’m sure you understand there is a huge gap between creating an image concept and it being a living website that can be customized through our website manager. Our highly talented developers take our very particular design tastes and create sites that look remarkably close to the original creations. Not to mention using all manner of wizardry to make sure sites load quickly, look good on retina mobile displays and get love from Google.

Thanks for joining me to learn about the effort my team puts in to every escort template you enjoy. Thanks to the thousands of you who choose our templates for your website. I get a great sense of pride when I see a client make a creation of ours their own. Keep an eye out for more new designs over the coming months ;)

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