What Makes a Good Escort Website?

We were asked great questions by a client today about what makes a good escort site. I thought the answers would be useful to a wider audience, here goes:

I am just wondering what makes a good escort website? What do men want
to see or value as important marketing points when they see other
escort websites? What do the Hobbist respond to most? Is content
“King” before good web layout design? Some questions that I ask of you
or anyone else in this type of environment. Any recommendations would
be helpful. As I recall, you don’t recommend embedding a sound clip
because of download time and men are proubably listening to their own
music anyway. Good point. Now what about an embeded marketing video
advertisement? What’s in the mature 40+ Hobbyist’s minds as my target

What makes a good escort website?

Our client asked, “What do men want to see or value as important marketing points when they see escort websites?” First of all, trying to target your escort website to things all men want to see or value is impossible. Attempting to please everyone, you please no one. The end result will be an inconsistent site that doesn’t resonate with anyone. Figure out your target audience before tweaking your escort website to appeal to them.

Potential clients will ask basic questions when landing on your escort site. Can I trust you? Do I want to pay to spend time with you? Are you professional? Allaying these concerns is simple. Create a site that looks appealing, is regularly updated, clearly displays contact information, works with no broken links, and uses appropriate language without obvious spelling mistakes.

What do Hobbyists respond to most?

Is content “king” before good web design?¬†Content and design are interdependent. At a broadway show do you respond to the performers’ physical movements or the costumes, lights, sounds, and stage props? It’s the successful execution of all these elements that contributes to a fantastic show. If one is off it takes away from the whole experience.

Take the site below. Our Elizabethan 2 template theme forms the foundation for this upmarket agency. Rich colors, strong typography, and custom-designed highlights convey a powerful message. This client then did a great job crafting their content to enhance the design. The sentences are well written and words like “professional,” “reliable,” and “exclusive” convey the service clients can expect. If the design was tacky with broken links, no words could convince a visitor that the business is professional. Poor grammar and inappropriate language on a stunning site design is equally ineffective.


Consider the $10,000 handbag. Would it sell if there wasn’t a suited doorman welcoming clients, a beautiful store design with rich wooden panels, and a string of similarly-priced stores nearby? Value is a perception. Effective use of design and content tells visitors how they should perceive your value.

Should You Embed a Marketing Video Ad?

Back to our client. She asked, “You don’t recommend embedding a sound clip, but what about an embedded marketing video advertisement?” Sound clips that play on sites without asking should be illegal. What are the chances that the song you like listening to in the club is something I want to hear when browsing your site at noon in my living room? If I’ve got my own music playing it’s even worse.

An escort marketing video, on the other hand, is pure gold. Part of the escort industry’s revolution online was the fact that hobbyists could finally see how you looked before making the call. Video takes this to another level. It portray not just how you look but what your personality and voice is like. Mentioning your website address proves you’re legit and¬†gains trust.

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