What Your Free Bodyrub Site Is Missing

So you’ve signed up for a free bodyrub site with Escort Design, whether you’re an agency, parlor, or individual provider, and yourname.bodyrubsites.com is all set up and ready to go. But you still aren’t getting the response you’d hoped for. What’s your bodyrub site missing? Here are a few essentials your site should have.

free bodyrubs site from Escort Design


Even if someone has received a massage before, he may not understand how bodyrubs are different from massage. The client may be a little nervous and not sure how to ensure the bodyrub will include what he wants. Remove any fear or uncertainty by articulating things like this on your site. You can easily create an FAQ page or “What to Expect” guide on your bodyrub site’s custom page – which is also great place to include your expectations for client etiquette.

bodyrubs site from Escort Design

Recent, high-quality, accurate photos 

The last thing a client wants is to feel attracted to a photo on your bodyrub parlor’s site, only to find out the masseuse is no longer with you or is out of town. For individuals, “Is that really you?” is a common question, and you don’t want that worry to prevent them from booking with you. One way to allay client concerns is by adding the month and year the photo was taken, or adding text to the effect of “Yes, it’s really me!” (Again, an FAQ page works well for this.) Professional, clear, flattering photos that accurately represent you are one of your bodyrub site’s most important features. Here are 5 photo tips for escorts that are relevant for bodyrub providers too.

SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

What keywords and phrases do clients use to find you in Google (e.g., “Asian bodyrubs Miami” or “BBW bodyrubs New Orleans”)? Whatever they are, these keywords should be included in your site text (the “About” page is a good place to start) and page names (when relevant). Need more help? Here are SEO basics for escorts.

Map and Schedule 

Booking a bodyrub and finding your bodyrub parlor should be quick and painless. Parlors can include a map and directions on their site for client convenience (and it’ll save you time too). Individuals probably won’t want to do that, but it’s just as important to have your schedule and availability prominently displayed so clients know if you’re free. It saves time both for clients and you – a win-win!

What do you think is the most important thing for a bodyrub site to include?

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