What's A Smile Worth?


Thailand is the land of smiles. Is it a coincidence that it’s been rated as the world’s top tourist destination for 8 years running?

While you’re there you’ll be smiled at by your tuk-tuk driver, pineapple salesman, manicurist and everyone you pass in the streets. It leaves you feeling peaceful and content – the Thai mood is infectious.

Being in a good mood made me much happier to part with my money too. It pays to be happy. Literally. I think we in the West can learn a lot from the Thai people about service. If you can make your customers share in your joy, then no matter what they buy from you they’re getting good value. I don’t think the Thais do it for a financial pay off but it’s the way we tend to look at things in the West, how’s doing this or that going to lead to me making more $$$.

Next time you meet someone for the first time, try starting with a smile and see how it sets the tone for your interaction…

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