Whatsapp is launching brand new business tools, and they’re going to be amazing for your escort business!

With all the changes in algorithms on pretty much all of the social media platforms, small (and large) businesses everywhere have been less than pleased recently. But, Whatsapp has come to the rescue, and hopefully this news will put a smile on your face because it is going to be a game changer for your escort business.

Most of us use Facebook owned, Whatsapp instead of using a traditional messaging service, and while it’s super convenient, things are about to get a lot better in terms of communicating with your clientele.

The new business tools will include:

  1. Account profile: You will now be able to have your account verified, which means that clients will know when they are communicating with a business.
  2. Business profiles: This is such a great feature as your contacts will be able to see details such as your website, email address and business description.
  3. Whatsapp web: You will be able to send a receive Whatsapp messages on your desktop.
  4. Messaging statistics: Reports such as how many messages have been read will be able to be generated.

These updates have already rolled out in Indonesia, Italy, Mexico, the UK and the US. All other regions should have access within the next couple of weeks.

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