When Your Escort Site Will Be In Google

I’ve been inundated with questions lately from clients wanting to know why their site isn’t in google or why their new domain name isn’t in google when they update their site. Here’s a brief explanation of how Google works that may help answer these questions.

Google isn’t instant. Google is an index of sites. Google spends a lot of time looking for the latest and greatest sites to include in its searchable index but it’s not instant. If your site goes online today, don’t expect Google to have found and indexed it by tomorrow.

Google finds your site by following links to it from other sites. If your site has no links pointing to it then you are almost invisible to google and you’ll take a while to show in their index. The best way to speed up the time it takes to show in Google is to get more links pointing to it.

Getting more links pointing to your site is easier than you think. Getting a free escortshere.com post takes a second and we’ve collected the best escort sites in our marketing tab for you to advertise.

I hope this helps to get you some patience while waiting for your site to show up in a google search. Don’t forget that SEO is a marathon, not a sprint so changes don’t happen overnight and you should take a long-term view.

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  • Epita Peron