Who's Your Measuring Stick?

Being in an industry that lacks trust could be a good excuse to run an opaque business. But what happens when you use the very nature of your industry as a contrasting backdrop to the way you conduct yourself?

Improving our openness and switching to a more customer-centric business model has allowed Escort Design to help tons of escorts get great looking sites online. Our pricing is fair, we offer 30 day trials before even taking a credit card and provide full client support. In this way we are giving clients websites, domain names, email addresses, 24/7 support and access to our website manager before we ask for anything in return. We don’t lock you in to any contracts and make it easy to cancel too.

In relationships, if you are open and offer kindness first, the dynamic changes. Not taking this step leaves you both reluctant to open up, while you’re waiting for the other person to take the chance. This year I’ve really learned how human qualities like this can be applied to business. Consumers no longer want a one size fits all solution, they want to interact with real people that show compassion and customized service.

Think about an experience you’ve had with a great airline hostess, hotel receptionist or waiter. How good did it feel when they did that little bit extra for you? Regardless of what industry you’re working, try taking their approach and make your customers and co-workers days’. Make the best service from any industry your measuring stick.

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