Why Google Doesn’t Allow Your Escort AdWords Ad

Lucy asked me a great question in response to this post about the Google search results page – why can you not advertise an escort site in Google AdWords?

The answer is simple and Lucy was absolutely right in thinking that Google doesn’t allow ads concerning prostitution. Unfortunately Google doesn’t allow the promotion of escort services, prostitution, or other adult sexual services. You can read more about Google’s Adult Sexual Services Policy here.

Those of you who are observant may have also noticed that some people DO get their website listed through adwords on the Google search results pages for words like ‘escort’. Before you start complaining about Google being unfair, do a quick test for me – click on the ad and see whether the page you get taken to says anything about escorts. It doesn’t and there’s a good reason for this. Google does not allow promotion of escort-related websites through adwords but it does not prevent people from bidding on escort-related keywords.

In other words, if your page contains anything advertising prostitution then it won’t be accepted in adwords. Not to mention you’re likely breaking US law. So what’s the solution? Save your money and try some of the free escort marketing options available.

Thanks again Lucy for your question, I hope this answer helps!

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