Why posting a video to your escort website is always a good idea

It’s a no brainer that an important part of any escort website is visual stimuli. You’ve probably got some amazing photographs on your site but have you ever considered branching out? Here’s why posting a video to your escort website is always a good idea.

The first and most probably most obvious reason, is that it gives your admirers some extra insight into your life. It lets them get to know you better and it’s an easier way for you to entice them to make a booking.

The statistics don’t lie, and they are all in favour of adding a video to your escort website. According to Digiday, in 2016 55% of all internet traffic was video based. That’s a lot! Just goes to show that people want to see videos, and that they are out there looking for them.

Still from Digiday, 92% of mobile video viewers, share videos with others. What an incredible way to gain new followers and clients! Word of mouth has always been a powerful way of promoting yourself, and this is a whole new way to do it.

52% of consumers say that they feel so much more confident in purchasing a product or service if they have watched a video beforehand. Clients want to know what they’re in for, and what they will get for their hard earned cash. Make some video’s detailing what a date with you is like and you’ll have those bookings coming in thick and fast.

If you were on the fence about putting videos on your escort website, we’re sure that this article convinced you that it is definitely a good idea!

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