Why you need a real escort domain name

Your domain name is your online business address and it plays a big part in whether you succeed or fail online. Don’t believe me? Well lets take a look at two escort stories to illustrate my point. Bother were reasonably new to the online escort world but had successful offline businesses. The first escort (Escort A), decided she didn’t want to spend any money and set herself up with a free website where she got a domain that looked like this: escortA.xyzescortgirls.com. The second escort (Escort B) decided she would spend a little more to get a professional looking site with a domain name of her own: escortB.com. Now would you rather be in Escort A or B’s position? Let me know after answering a few of these questions for me,

  • Would you rather spend time and money advertising a domain name you own or one someone else owns?
  • Do you think clients are going to remember a name like escortb.com or escorta.xyzescortgirls.com? and which has more chance of being mistyped?
  • Is a client going to be prepared to spend top dollar to see you or someone working for you if they see you haven’t spent a cent on your website? (Clients can and do remove the “escortA” portion of the free address, visit xyzescortgirls.com and realize that your site was free)
  • What happens if xyzescortgirls.com closes down and you’ve spent years promoting your site??

I understand that I am biased because all our new templates come with a domain name so I have come up with a list of reasons choosing a free site with a escortA.xyzescorts.com address might be a good idea,

  • You simply can’t afford a proper site yet (Hard to believe – our sites start at under $500)
  • You’re not serious about succeeding online
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