Why You Need An Escort Website

Ok, let me clarify the title – if you’re not an escort you probably don’t need an escort website. For all you providers, here’s why I think a website’s vital for your marketing.

In the beginning there were newspaper classifieds…
Black and white classified ads with your phone number and a brief description is all punters had to go by. Nowadays you’re more likely to be found through a review website, escort directory or online forum.

In the newspapers, you were only visible as long as the ad was running. If an old client wanted to contact you, he’d have to record your contact details somewhere for future reference. Pretty soon the alternative of simply contacting someone else would be looking good.

Your online home…
Without a website of your own, your presence online is ephemeral. Just like publishing an ad in the paper one week but not the next, it may be difficult to get hold of you.

If clients want to see if you’ve got new photos or discovers your phone number isn’t working, to find you again is difficult. He has to trawl through the web trying to remember which of the 30 directories and review sites he found you on. Not only is there no guarantee of finding your updated info, what if someone else catches his eye along the way?

Having a branded website at a domain you own – yourname.com – is the best way to maintain an online presence. Link to it from your other advertisements and pretty soon clients will recognise it as the place to go to find you.

Websites used to be expensive & cumbersome…
Gone are the days when having a website meant working with 4 different companies for hosting, domain name, design & programming. No longer do you have to have a degree in computer science to update your contact number or email address.

If you can use an online email account like gmail…You can use Escort Design’s website manager!


And just like gmail, our website manager and websites are totally free if you don’t mind a few unobtrusive ads on your site.

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