Why you should advertise your escort website on Instagram

We’ve already spoken about advertising on Twitter, and today we are going to dive into Instagram. If you’re still trying to build up a following or if you’re running a bit low on bookings, it may be time to advertise your escort website on Instagram.

Instagram has over 700 million users and it’s growing by the day – that’s a ton of potential clients for you to target. If you’re not convinced that this visual-centric platform is a good place for you to advertise, keep on reading:

  1. One of the biggest benefits is that you can target your ad to an audience based on your Facebook data. This is especially helpful if you’re still trying to build an Instagram following. The advert as a whole is set up through Facebook, making the whole process a whole lot easier. If you need instructions on how to link your Facebook profile to your Instagram
    account click here.
  2. Instagram adverts are a lot less intrusive, they don’t annoy users as much so there is a much higher engagement rate.
  3. If you sell products on your Instagram profile, you can easily integrate Shopify to your ad.
  4. The way that Instagram measures your adverts success is based on reach, engagement and awareness as opposed to likes and comments.
  5. If you have incredible images, Instagram is the platform to showcase them, and if you use them in an advert, success is inevitable!

Although Instagram can be a bit of a difficult platform for escorts to post, if you can work around their rules, it’s an incredible place to build a community and recruit new clients.

Make sure to read our tips on Instagram stories as well, they really do make a huge difference!

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