Why You Should Care that We’re Improving Our Templates

About a week ago, we let you know that old Escort Design templates will no longer be supported as of mid-September. We’re talking really old templates like Kisses, Moon-Shadow, Plush, Slate, Swirl, Youthful, Earthly, Sunshine, and Strawberry. The good news is, if you can see your theme under “All Available Template Themes” in the Escort Design site builder, you have nothing to worry about! (If you are using an old theme, please pick a new one ASAP.)

What we didn’t mention in that blog post is the good news: We’re no longer supporting ancient templates because our newer themes are about to get awesomer, becoming V3 Responsive Themes. Now select themes look much better on all devices — no squished text on your smartphone like with your banking site! — and the structure beneath our escort site templates is MUCH stronger. To compare our old templates to our V3 Responsive Themes, it’s like having your site built on solid concrete rather than rickety old scaffolding.

We crash-tested every template

Brandon, one of our developers, tested and retested Escort Design templates on the newest internet browsers and computing platforms, fueled by dedication (and a few Red Bulls). Translation: You know those car ads with the crash-test dummy? Well, Brandon basically crash-tested every escort site template to make sure it will perform flawlessly while looking gorgeous. “We make it effortless to show your best side,” Brandon promises.

Your site will look better on every device

Another one of our developers, Trevor, says, “Not only with the backend work better, but the templates will look better, function better, and behave responsively,” he says. Trevor’s work means your site is prettier on a smartphone, tablet, and computer screen – no ugly empty space if you have different-sized photos sitting next to each other.

Faster loading, better for SEO, new features

What else? The V3 Responsive Themes load faster, follow the latest standards in web development, and use a brand new server for more reliability. We’ve fixed bugs and made changes that will boost SEO (for instance, making sure the URLs for your escort site match your page titles). The new concrete-like framework that your site uses also means we can add exciting new features faster — like the blogging feature many of you eagerly await! — and we’ll be able to create new templates more easily.

So even if you can’t tell at first glance, we’ve been working hard to make your site amazing. We think you and your clients will love the improvements!

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