Why You Should Trade Escort Blog Posts


We hope you’ve been loving your new escort blogs. We’ve seen a lot of you really taking advantage of the new feature with great posts on your tour schedules, photoshoots, sexy musings, and more.

But besides just connecting on a more intimate level with your clients and fans, your blog is also a great way to market your business. In the past, we’ve talked about how important escort link trading is to your success. The more links to your website, the more likely Google is to find your site and index it higher in search. Plus, it’s another way for potential clients to find you. Hopefully you’ve reached out to other adult entertainers in your niche and asked them to exchange links with you. (Here’s some great tips for escort link trading). If you haven’t, you should!

Blog post trading serves the same purpose, but instead of just exchanging links (though of course a blog post that links back to your site is, in fact, another link!), you’re exchanging posts. You write a post for someone else’s blog on a topic relevant to their audience, and they write a post for you, relevant to your audience.

Notice I’m not suggesting you write a post that just says “Hey, you should use my services and here’s why.” Why would someone else in the same line of work let you use her blog for free advertising? A great guest blog exchange has the blogger write an interesting post on a topic that will be of interest to the audience. It also happens to include your name and a link back to your website which is great (but also subtle) advertising for your business. And the blogger with whom you’re exchanging gets the same benefit from your post. You both get to reach new audiences and hopefully bring in new clients, all from just one little blog post.

But what kind of topics could you write about? Maybe your favorite place to shop for lingerie or toys. Or tips for planning great tours. Or maybe the best client experience you’ve ever had. All of these topics would be interesting to readers of adult entertainer blogs and should be fairly fun for you to write since they’re about things you’re interested in.

The first step to get some blog exchanges going is to find some bloggers. You should look for other adult entertainers in a similar or complimentary niche — remember, you want their readers to be interested in your services, too.

They should also be regular bloggers (as you should be, too!). You don’t want to go to the effort of writing a post for a blog that has one or two posts. Finding someone who’s smart at marketing her business is also ideal since she’ll be more likely to promote her site and blog, bringing more traffic to your post.

You may already know a few adult entertainers who fit the bill. If not, start by using our trusty friend Google. Search for adult entertainers in your area and look to see if they have a blog. You can also look for adult entertainer sites on the same directories and classifieds you advertise on. Compile a list of potentials. Most likely it’s going to take at least a few tries before you find someone who’s interested, so reaching out to more people is better. Then you just need to get emailing!

Stay tuned for a future post with tips for how to successfully email other providers for blog exchanges and tips for writing a successful guest post.

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