Why You Should Update Your Copy Now

Once you’ve gotten your escort business up and running, you might think the hard work is done. But as tempting as it can be to sit back, post the occasional ad, and wait for your admirers to start booking, here’s why regularly updating your copy is going to be the key to getting you more clients.

Your Ads

Depending on where you advertise your escort business, you’re probably regularly posting (and re-posting) your escort ads to keep new admirers visiting your website. And that’s a good first step. But don’t make the mistake of publishing the same ad, over and over, months at a time. Sure, you’ll probably get some new admirers from it who haven’t seen it before. But chances are, you’re also getting browsers skipping over your ad because they’ve seen it a thousand times before and they weren’t interested the first time.

When you go to write your ads, write a few different versions and regularly rotate through them. Or try switching to a new version of your ads every week. Rotate through your pictures and make sure they show some variety (not the same poses over and over again). This will let admirers see all your different sides — some of which may be more appealing to them than others — and will improve your chances of success.

Your Website

The story is the same when you look at your website. You want current clients to keep coming back for more, so keep showing them something new and fresh. You also want potential admirers who click over from your ads to see your latest and greatest.

While you’re probably not going to regularly revamp your entire website, you should try to periodically give it a bit of a refresher. Update your photos regularly to show admirers your most up-to-date look. Change your template on your Escort Design website for an instant makeover. And update your copy and descriptions so it never sounds stale.

Your Blog

As we’ve talked about in the past, a good step to improving your Google ranking is to regularly have new, high quality content. And the best way to do that is to regularly post on your escort blog. Posting regularly will keep your admirers coming back for me and will keep Google indexing your site — a win-win!

Any Other Copy

When you update your copy anywhere, make sure you update it everywhere. Get in the habit of synching up all of your avenues (ad copy, website, social media profiles, etc.) so you keep a cohesive look and feel.

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