Why Your Escort Site Needs A Links Page

In a recent post about how to get traffic to your escort site I explained that the best place to start is by getting people to link to your site, with escort directories being a good source. What I may not have stressed enough is that in order to get links pointing to your website you will generally need to give away some links from your website. This is where the links page comes in handy.

A links page is where you can post links to other websites so that they can return the favor, it is generally a requirement if you want to get listed in an escort directory. Below is an example of a links page on one of our templates that has links pointing to our site and a few popular directories:


So as for a lot of things in life, if you give a little traffic away it’s a good way to get some in return. Don’t be stingy with your traffic either, remember that if your website is brand new then the amount of traffic you pass on through your links page is going to be minimal. If you are established and getting a lot of traffic just make sure that your site is eye-catching and enticing enough to encourage people to stick around rather than click on your links page.

The example above is an escort agency website but independents you need a links page too. There is a great tradition in the online indie community where you link to other indie providers on your banner page, sharing is caring!

In my next post I’ll explain the technical side of a links page and how to add banners/links to your site through html or our escort website manager.

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