Your Escort Marketing Tab


Once you have signed up for a free website with us and got your design looking brilliant, it’s time to bring in the traffic.

Within the marketing tab (shown above), we’ve listed some of the most respected escort review, escort directory and escort classifieds sites. Between them, these sites receive 100’s of thousands of visitors daily.While you’re waiting to get listed in google the best way to start things off is with a free or paid listing on one of these sites. is integrated right into your Escort Design website so activating your listing is as simple as selecting your location. The rest require slightly more effort but at the end of the day, the more places you list, the more chances there are that you’ll catch the right person’s eye.

Make sure you are a savvy marketer though if you do end up paying for a listing on any site. Track your website visits with google analytics and continually assess the performance of your different ads.


Indicators that an ad is performing well for you are the metrics that show how visitors are engaging with your site. In the example above you can see that the traffic from this directory has pages/visit, avg. time on site and a bounce rate that is much better than the site’s average. This suggests that visitors who come to the site from have been hanging around for longer and interacting with the site more than a site visitor from elsewhere.

It’s not just about raw numbers. Even if an ad is sending you 1000 hits/day – if none of those visitors are sticking around long enough to make a booking then it’s not worth much.

Happy marketing! As always, any questions just ask me in the private forum and myself or another friendly community member will be sure to help you out :)

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